Wine and a Healthy Lifestyle

Wine & Healthy Living

It is widely known that drinking a glass of red wine a day helps the human body. The bountiful antioxidants nourish the body, and also bring out the flavor in your meals. Now, if you want to combine a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying a glass of alcohol it is highly recommended to drink a glass of red wine a day. Even health guru Tim Ferris drinks a glass of red wine at the end of each day, while sticking to his strict diet.

The Winery Haven in Rancho Santa Fe

If you enjoy a taste of the good life, followed with a glass of delightful wine, you’ll love the wine haven that has become Rancho Santa Fe. Filled with an abundance of decadent wine tastings, the city is home to many quality vineyards and wineries. There are many enjoyable ones to choose from as well as the various wine festivals throughout the year. Take a look into the city that is known to many of the locals as the Winery Haven. If you’re interested in this beautiful region, contact K Ann Brizolis, the leading agent in Rancho Santa Fe real estate.


Sunshine Mountain Vineyard

Sunshine Mountain Vineyard is all about family. Featuring some of the greatest tasting, handcrafted wines you will ever find. The vineyard offers a tasting house which can hold up to 200 guests and even features an outdoor fireplace to host a wine get together with friends and family.

Gen7 Wines

Gen7 Wines was founded in 1832 by Theophile Vache. Alongside his three nephews they founding a fine wines importing business, which has led to the creation of the Gen7 Winery today. It wasn’t until 1892 when another by the name of Marius Biane came to work for the brothers along with his family members. They continued on the tradition once started by Vache of making wine by acquiring ownership to the vineyards.  The history behind the Gen7 Wines is 180 years in the making. And still today they are hosting some of the most respected wine events such as their Festa Del Vino.

Carruth Cellars

Carruth Cellars features the best tasting California wines. All wine production is done at their urban facility in the city. They offer tasting rooms which are open 7 days a week, so there is no concern about missing your day off. Yoga and Wine Sundays is one of Carruth’s most popular events. They also offer a wine club that allows you to receive a bottle of wine each month as well as attend free wine tastings at the cellar.

2Plank Vineyards

Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of product, the vineyard of 2Planks is one of the finest in the state of California. Enjoy a delicious 5 course wine dinner tasting hosted throughout the year at 2planks. Each course features a tasty food item paired perfectly with the right wine. Not to mention, during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the tasting room is open to the public, you may even book the room in advance for a private event.

Taste of Ranch of Rancho Santa Fe Wine Festival

Held each year in October, guests get the opportunity to take a look through the historic grounds that the Inn of Rancho Santa Fe is built on while sipping on some of the finest wines in the area. The Inn will also be serving samples of some of their finest dishes to dine on.



If you love a good tasting wine, Rancho Santa Fe is the place to go. Surrounded by some of the state’s best wineries, you can sample many flavors to give pallet a kick. Enjoy sweet and smooth flavors and end up going home with some of your favorites to enjoy later on in the evenings.

Connection between Health and Lifestyle

imagesMany people are concerned about the connection between Health and Lifestyle. They think that when it comes to changing their lifestyle, they need to make the most complicated and drastic turnabouts. Being solid regularly appears to be staggeringly confounded. There are ads all over the place and different specialists giving clashing exhortation. Be that as it may, being sound should not be entangled. Individuals were much more advantageous previouslybefore all the eating less and wellbeing items grabbed hold of our general public.

Understanding the Connection between Health and Lifestyle

The standards haven’t changed from that point forward. Our hereditary qualities are the same and what worked for us once upon a time can likewise work for us now. To increase ideal wellbeing, shed pounds and feel better each day, then you should simply take after these basic standards. There are such a large number of things in the environment that are out and out harmful to our bodies. Given the addictive way of some of these things, individuals frequently have a genuinely hard time maintaining a strategic distance from them.

xThis incorporates the typical suspects like cigarettes, liquor, and oppressive medications. On the off chance that you have an issue with those, then eating regimen and activity are the minimum of your stresses because these are the habits that truly do damage to you, instead of what you fear. Liquor is fine with some restraint for the individuals who can endure it, yet tobacco and harsh medications are terrible for everybody. However, what is normal today are illness advancing nourishments. On the off chance that you need to increase ideal wellbeing, then you have to minimize your utilization of these nourishments. Presumably, the single, best change you can make to enhance your eating regimen is to curtail prepared, bundled nourishments. Avoid heart attacks in a bun.